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You can trust us. With our own capital, we have already invested in more than 650 properties.


We have been successfully operating on the Czech market since 1991.


We respect the architecture, the history and the place itself.

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We continue to expand our portfolio of hundreds of unique houses and apartments in Prague, Pardubice and Brno, bringing new life into them.

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Since 1991, we have been building our reputation through the careful restoration and meaningful use of iconic buildings such as the Dancing House, the legendary Metronome or the House of Books on Národní třída in Prague. Thanks to our own capital, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of properties. We invest not only in luxury development projects such as the Vanguard loft, but also in affordable studio apartments in the Skyline project. We also see potential in unconventional buildings and are reviving brutalist gems, Art Nouveau tenements and apartment blocks. We always have a clear vision and great respect for architecture, history and the place itself. With us you always get something extra.


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