Residential projects

You will be absolutely fascinated by the five-storey building, consisting of 4 above-ground and 1 underground floor encompassing 10 units and adjacent to the beautiful Jezerka Park. You can choose from the layouts of 1 room + kitchen, 1 room + kitchenette, 2 rooms + kitchenette or 2 rooms + kitchen as well as the units with a balcony or terrace - as you like. A great advantage is that you can furnish the apartment according to your taste and preferences. You will appreciate the attractive location of the apartment building, whether the apartment is intended for a young couple, a family with children or as an investment. Each apartment has a cellar stall and the apartment building has a spacious garden, which is intended for the shared use. Here, you will find a grassy area for a picnic and a shady haven under the full-grown trees. The common areas, i.e. corridors and cellars, will undergo basic revitalization. A quiet street in the Prague's Nusle district, with very little traffic, provides a blue zone for parking the cars.

  • You can arrange the apartment according to your taste and taste.
  • You will appreciate the attractive location of the apartment building
  • A quiet street in Prague's Nusle
  • Units and is adjacent to the beautiful Jezerka park

The five-storey residential house offers 18 units with layouts of 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette, on the top floor additionally with a terrace, on the ground floor with a front garden. Each unit has its own cellar stall. Residents of the house can also enjoy a common garden. The surrounding area boasts of perfect amenities, excellent infrastructure and fantastic traffic services. The metro stations Budějovická or Pankrác are a 10-minute walk away. Take advantage of both sides and create your own style of living or an ideal apartment for investment.

  • 18 units with 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette
  • cellar stall with each unit, balconies on the top floor, private front gardens on the ground floor
  • common garden with a place for sitting, having a barbecue and gardening
  • perfect civic amenities and excellent infrastructure
  • perfect transport accessibility by car and means of public transport

The street of the same name in Prague 6 hides a pleasant place to live surrounded by the greenery of nature. Three floors of the house offer the apartments with layouts of 1 room+kitchenette, 2 rooms+kitchenette and 3 rooms+kitchenette, a maisonette on the top floor and a non-residential maisonette unit on the lowest floor. The cellars, a common garden and courtyard are also available. The apartment building in the geometric Art Nouveau style perfectly matches the cosy character of the location, which is about two kilometres from the Prague Castle. The Na Petynce Residential House is a place for harmonious living of individuals, couples and families with children.

  • apartments with layouts: 1 room + kitchenette, 2 rooms + kitchenette and 3 rooms + kitchenette, maisonette and a non-residential unit
  • cellar stall, common garden and courtyard
  • a wide variety of leisure activities
  • various benefits of metropolitan living as well as the tranquillity of nature
  • excellent transport accessibility by public transport and by car

An anchor in the hustle and bustle of life and an exclusive opportunity in the form of 22 units of the most desirable layouts of 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette. This is a residential project on the Sinkulova Street, a historical residential house under the mythical Vyšehrad in Prague 4. The pre-reconstruction condition of the units allows each owner to individually finish their unit the way they like. Each unit has its own cellar stall, too. Pleasant housing at the premium location Podolí will perfectly satisfy the demands of both the couples and individuals as well as the investor interest.

  • units with the layout of 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette
  • cellar stall for each unit
  • great accessibility of public transport links - the C line metro station Pražského povstání is only 6 minutes far away
  • excellent civic amenities with a wide range of social and sporting activities
  • nature tranquility and places to relax, dominated by Vyšehrad just 5 minutes away

Perspective and timelessness. These are the elementary ingredients of the original Skyline housing with excellent accessibility to the centre, set in harmonious countryside. The carefully fine-tuned complex offers the intimacy and privacy of small-size accommodation units combined with perfectly functional common facilities. The concept will finds its place as an ideal starter home. Equipped in the Fit Out standard, it offers a total of 227 accommodation units in the layouts of 1 room + kitchenette and 2 rooms + kitchenette. Owners can infuse their housing with the distinctive atmosphere of three famous European capitals. Sample units Prague, Oslo and Berlin will show you how. Another surprise is 12 offices, which make it possible to separate personal and professional life. A space full of possibilities opens up. Just enter.

  • 227 accommodation units, equipped in the Fit Out standard, with the layouts of 1 room + kitchenette and 2 rooms + kitchenette
  • Front garden, cellar and cellar stall available in selected units
  • 12 sophisticated offices available for purchase
  • Roof terrace designed to be walked on, gym, yoga point, party room, lounge, bike room enabling bike wash, stroller room, drying room, laundry room, reception
  • 59 parking spaces for cars, 4 for motorbikes

Choose an apartment that you will enjoy. The three floors of the residential house on the corner of the U Pekáren and Dolnoměcholupská streets accommodate a total of 17 apartments with layouts of 1 room+kitchenette, 1 room+kitchen, 2 rooms+kitchen, 3 rooms+kitchen, plus 3 non-residential units and 1 half-built unit. Outside, there is a pleasant common garden available to the residents of the house. Its paved part invites you to sit in the air and sun, while the unpaved part encourages gardening. For example, you can start growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Most units have a cellar.

  • Practical apartments with layouts of 1 room+kitchenette, 1 room+kitchen, 2 rooms+ kitchen, 3 rooms+kitchen
  • Excellent transport infrastructure - train, bus, tram
  • Common private garden available
  • Hostivař Nature Park and Hostivař Dam nearby
  • Parking option for selected units

The corner complex of three townhouses masterfully combines the historical genius loci with modern technology and user standards of the 21st century. The people living in the Saint Stephen´s Residence can enjoy the perfect comfort and thoughtful details as well as relish the elegance of classicist style and neo-Renaissance refinement. Magnificent apartments with the layouts of 1 room + kitchenette to 4 rooms + kitchenette, equipped in the Fit Out standard, offer a haven for all those who want to connect their lives with the magic of Prague.

  • Magnificent apartments with magical atmosphere, in layouts ranging from 1 room + kitchenette to 4 rooms + kitchenette
  • Loggias, balconies or parking in the car parking stacker for the most demanding residents
  • Recuperation and cooling option in select units
  • Site from the UNESCO World Heritage list

Every day is perfect here. BackYard Dejvice represents the dynamics of city life, whilst providing a much-needed peaceful background. The purist architecture intertwined with the mood of the green courtyard that is open to all your needs, desires and passions even more intensifies the comfort of 40 exclusive units ranging in size from 13.9 m2 to 52 m2 with 1 room+ kitchenette or 2 rooms + kitchenette.

  • Exclusive unit layouts: 1 room + kitchenette to 2 rooms + kitchenette
  • The concept of functional housing with a green courtyard
  • White Wall standard for individual finalization of interiors
  • Lucrative location in the neighbourhood of Stromovka and Divoká Šárka

The fresh apartments of the four-storey house in Letná will be appreciated by all those who cannot see any reason in keeping a low profile.

The fine-tuned living in the reconstructed house in the pleasantly quiet Na Výšinách Street is perfectly balanced like the Art Nouveau style that gave it its attractive form. The combination of beauty and sensibility, as well as a purely practical level with a high degree of comfort will appeal to both the individuals and the couples. The Fit Out standard apartments in the layouts of 1 room + kitchenette, 2 rooms + kitchenette and 3 rooms + kitchenette will attract you with their divine views and the most demanding residents will be satisfied by the luxury maisonettes in the White Wall standard on the highest floors.

  • Fine-tuned Fit Out apartments in the layouts: 1 room + kitchenette, 2 rooms + kitchenette and 3 rooms + kitchenette as well as luxury White Wall maisonettes
  • Spectacular balconies and front gardens on the ground floor, common backyard with a bike room
  • The Art Nouveau beauty combined with the modern standards and technology
  • Divine views of the iconic skyline of Prague
  • Living between the parks Letenská pláň (Letná Plain) and Stromovka where everything is within your reach

The Na Vinici villa house, set on a fruitful hillside of the Prague district Vinohrady, offers pleasant living with all the conveniences of the metropolis. The architectural solution of a new modern building combined with a special PSN style respects traditional housing values. A total of 27 apartments with the layout ranging from 1 room + kitchenette to 3 rooms + kitchenette are equipped in the Fit out standard. The timeless design ideally completes a perfect and practical concept of the building.

  • New apartments available in layouts: 1 room + kitchenette to 3 rooms + kitchenette
  • In the Fit out standard of a timeless design
  • Cellar cubicles and parking spaces in the basement of the house
  • Prestigious green district providing all benefits of the city

The VANGUARD building revives the industrial spirit of the former Microna factory where the aviation technology and instruments were made. The monumental 16,000 m² complex is made of a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame construction and is distinguished by its superior strength, floor heights of up to 4.5 m and high load-bearing ceilings that can support practically anything. There are a total of 150 lofts on 14 floors, with layouts ranging from 40 m² to 700 m². Almost all of them have a terrace and the upper floors offer unforgettable views of the surroundings. VANGUARD is unprecedented in the Czech Republic and is an excellent example of a use of the existing architecture where new aesthetics and custom qualities are being created.

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