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Buy property now, mortgages have never been cheaper!

Are you still hesitating to buy a new place to live? Don’t hesitate too long, because the best time to buy a flat or building is right now. That’s because mortgage interest rates are the lowest in history!

While in February 2010 the average interest rate for a mortgage loan was around 5.5 percent, after five years it has dropped by three whole points and in February of this year the average interest rate is around 2.5 percent. Some financial institutions are even offering mortgages under 2%. There have never been such inexpensive mortgages in the Czech Republic. And since the interest rates on mortgage loans will, according to financial experts, stagnate or rise slightly in the coming months, this is the right time to buy real estate.

The best mortgage? If you have already chosen your perfect real estate and now you are only considering the financing, carefully consider the financial institution you will request the mortgage from. The interest rate should not be the sole criterion. 

You should also consider other factors – whether the bank permits the early payment of the loan, whether it demands a fee for setting up the mortgage, how much the property appraisal costs at the bank, what fees the bank charges for managing the account, etc.

The best thing to do is to write these criteria into a table and use it to decide which bank best meets your requirements. You can also find important information in Czech in specialised financial portals such as www.hypotecnikalkulacka.cz, www.penize.cz and www.finance.cz, where you will also be able to calculate your monthly instalments in advance.

Would you like to lease a flat?
Watch out for fees!

Are you looking for a flat to lease at the best possible price? Before you go to look at an offered flat, make sure to find out how much you really will have to pay each month. Many offers do not include a wide range of fees!

When looking for a suitable flat to lease, most people decide according to the price. But not all the offers that can be found on the Internet show the true price for the lease that the tenant will have to pay every month. Most of the lessors forget to include the amount of the individual fees for services in the price information, and these can ultimately increase the final price for the rent by at least one third!

When looking for a flat to rent the amount of the fees is the second most important information that an interested party should take into consideration. The fees are usually comprised of deposits for electricity and gas, heating and fees that go to the joint repair and maintenance fund. Fees for telephones and Internet connections and for garbage removal can also be significant.

So be sure to ask the owner of the flat or the person mediating the lease (real estate agent) about what all is included in the rent. Only if the price seems to be reasonable to you should you go to take a look at the flat. 

You can find our offer of flats to rent here.

A flat as an investment? Yes, now that the prices are the lowest ever!

Property has always been one of the best places to invest available funds, assuming, of course, that the property is purchased for a fair price, at an ideal time and in a suitable locality. 

The international financial crisis that was put into motion by the overheated mortgage market in the USA also influenced property prices in the Czech Republic. After the largest real estate boom in the years 2005-2007 the prices of properties started to gradually decrease, with the drop in prices continuing until the middle of 2014. Prices did not only fall for older properties, but also for new buildings, where the offer significantly outstripped demand and often not even drastic sales helped the development companies.

But experts on the real estate market announced a turnaround starting from last autumn. Property prices stopped dropping. In fact for some types of flats the prices started to slowly rise again. And that is just the right time to acquire an investment flat.

The acquisition of flats as investments is one of the reasons for the increase in demand for the purchase of flats, according to representatives of real estate companies. Most frequently people acquire flats for investments in towns that tourists visit (small flats to rent with sizes of one or two rooms with kitchenettes) or in university towns (Prague, Brno, Plzeň, Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Olomouc). In this case the experts recommend purchasing a flat in localities where the university is located or which has a good connection to the university. Here three or even four-room flats are ideal.

You can find our offer of investment flats here.

How to choose a flat from the offer on the Internet?

Purchasing a flat or house is often one of life’s biggest decisions. In order to make sure that you won’t regret this decision later on, it is worthwhile thoroughly thinking over the purchase of a new property. First try answering these questions: where do I want to live, who do I want to live with, how much money do I have available or how much will I have to borrow. And then also ask – what property am I buying and from whom.

There are people that have already moved ten times in their lifetime. They change cities based on where they are currently working or localities based on areas they like or where there were suitable leases. But there are also people who find their perfect nest and spend most of their lives there. If you are buying your first place to live, first think about which type of person you are. 

Choosing an ideal property to live in is not all that easy, at least if you do not have an ideal location chosen. In Prague alone there are more than 4000 flats on offer, from the city centre to the outskirts of Prague. Advertisements for many development projects announce that their project is the perfect one for you. How to find your way through the jungle of offers? First answer the questions we posed earlier.

Where do you want to live?

Do you have a stable job in the town or city in which you are now living? Will you have a place to work in this city even if you lose your current job? If yes, and if you also have your family and/or friends here, then we recommend looking for a place to live in this town/city in a location that you know and like well.

Who do you want to live with?

Are you a young man about to get married and you would soon like to have children? In that case consider whether you really want to buy a two-room flat or if it wouldn’t be better to invest in a larger flat where your kids would also have their own room. Now is the right time for such an investment.

Do I have money for a new flat?

If you have saved up the money to buy a flat or if your parents will contribute, then looking for a flat is easier. You have an idea and you know your financial limit. If, however, you want to pay for your flat or house through a mortgage, it is necessary to calculate the monthly instalments, how long you will have to pay off the mortgage and how the flat will be sold in the event that difficult circumstances force you to sell the flat. In such a case it is important for the property to be quickly sold.

Who am I buying it from?

Before buying the property it is also important to find out in advance who the owner of the property is, whether he/she is authorised to sell the property and whether it is burdened with any legal problems. Here it is important to know whether you are negotiating directly with the owner of the property or through a mediator (usually a representative of a real estate agency). The mediated services are not always suitable or of a high quality, and so it is better to find out in advance whether you can discuss the purchase of the property directly with the owner, who knows his property better than anyone.

You can find our offer of new flats here.  

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