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How to proceed when purchasing property from PSN

Set up a personal consultation
with a real estate agent

In the first phase we recommend setting up a personal meeting with one of our real estate agents in the PSN office, where you can discuss your requirements for the property you are seeking. This meeting is not essential before touring the units you choose, though we offer this possibility so that we can understand your requirements to the best possible extent and offer you the properties best suited to your needs, which saves you time that you would otherwise be spending looking at properties that do not entirely correspond to your ideas and wishes.

Tour of flat/non-residential space

After choosing a concrete property that fulfills your requirements or that has interested you, you can agree with one of our real estate agents on a time that best suits you to tour the property.

Verbal reservation

If you decide to purchase the property, either during the tour or later by phone or email, we will reserve the property for you verbally for 48 hours.

Reservation Agreement

You, as the purchasing party, will conclude a written Reservation Agreement with PSN, as the seller, within 48 hours from the Verbal Reservation. The Reservation Agreement will be valid for from 7 to 14 days from the date it is signed and you will pay a reservation deposit in the amount specified in this Agreement.

Preliminary Purchase Contract

Before the validity of the Reservation Agreement expires, the purchasing party concludes a Preliminary Purchase Agreement with the seller, i.e. with PSN, and the purchasing party pays a deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price. The Preliminary Purchase Contract is valid for 2 months from the date it is signed.

Purchase Contract

The purchasing party concludes a Purchase Contract with the selling party before the Preliminary Purchase Contract expires.

Handover of flat

The handover of the flat takes place without delay after the payment of the purchase price in full.

The conditions for the purchase of the property can differ from the aforementioned standards from project to project. In this case the conditions for the purchase of the property are specified on the web pages of a specific project or our real estate agents will inform you of them.


PSN offers you a wide range of possibilities in the method of financing the acquired property. After signing the Preliminary Purchase Contract the client pays a deposit of up to 10% of the purchase price of the flat and can finance the remainder of the purchase price through a mortgage loan.

During a personal meeting, our real estate agents will help you find the best conditions to purchase property from PSN.

The successful long-term cooperation between PSN and the ČSOB a. s. group in financing the sale of flats makes it possible to provide you with an unrivalled offer for financing the purchase of the property. Our mortgage consultant is fully available even if you decide to use another bank or another form of financing the purchase of the property.

Read more detailed information about Financing with PSN here...

The basic option of financing, in cooperation with the ČSOB group, offers you:

» FREE processing of the mortgage loan.

» FREE processing of property expert opinion.

» Individual advantageous interest rates.

Other financing options offer you

» A combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts.

» The possibility of extraordinary instalments of up to 70% of the value of the loan without penalty.

» All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income.

Attorney’s escrow of funds

For maximum security we also offer clients the possibility to use an attorney’s escrow. We recommend using the services of the renowned law firm of JUDr. Rostislav Doleček, which is located directly in our PSN building (Seifertova 9, Praha 3).

Frequently asked questions

I am a citizen from a country outside of the EU. Is it possible to purchase a flat in the Czech Republic as a private individual or is it necessary to set up a company?

The restriction on the purchase of a flat for clients from outside of the EU is no longer valid.
These clients can now also purchase a flat as a private individual.

How high is the tax rate
for the acquisition of property?

The tax on the acquisition of property amounts to 4% of the purchase price of the property.

Do the purchase prices specified on the PSN web pages and on the pages of PSN’s residential projects include VAT?

The purchase prices of the flats shown are final and include any applicable VAT. But VAT does not apply to most of the properties that we sell, based on Section 56 (1) of Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on Value Added Tax (the transfer of buildings, flats and non-residential spaces is exempt from tax after 5 years elapses from the using of the first final construction approval or from the date when the building was first used).

Can I deduct the purchase price of the flat from my taxes?

Only subjects for which the acquired flat is used for and related to their business activities and that fulfil other conditions can lower the income tax base by the purchase price of the flat.
If you include the flat in your business assets and will get income from it (e.g. from rent), then you will be able to deduct 1/30th of the purchase price each year for a period of 30 years, placed against the income, i.e. from the rent.

Is it possible to finance non-residential spaces with a mortgage loan?

It is possible under the assumption that the property assessor judges that the non-residential spaces are suitable for housing.

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