Hlubočepská/17/6, Praha 5

A magnificent Baroque complex located a short walk from the city centre; however, Hlubočepy retains the distinctive character of an ancient village, surrounded by the wild landscape of rocks and hills. Renovated thoughtfully under the guidance of PSN, the Slovanka mansion is ready to fulfil all the fantasies about perfect housing for life in the 21st century. It is underscored by a romantic park with decorative terraces and common garden full of greenery offering the perfect setting for relaxation and creativity.

The Slovanka mansion is situated on the edge of the Prokop Valley natural park. This remarkable karst area combines the magic of forests with majestic limestone and slate rocks. Also formed by folded limestone, the Barrandov Rocks are nicely incorporated into the green landscape on the other side of the valley.

The quiet location also features seamless accessibility, particularly thanks to the Michnovka, Na Srpečku and Hlubočepy bus stops, the Prague-Hlubočepy railway station and the Hlubočepy tram stop. The Hlubočepská Street also connects to the Barrandovská Radial Road. The natural heritage sites there are complemented with opportunities for an active urban life. The Nový Smíchov shopping centre is within reach, along with cafés, restaurants, as well as a kindergarten and an elementary school.

The attached images are visualizations and serve as inspiration to show the future atmosphere.

The unit will be ready for handover in 3Q 2021.

Property demand
property ID HL14
Ownership personal
Layout store
Overall area 38.2 m²
Floor area 38.2 m²
Price CZK 955 000
Floor suterén
Type of building brick
State of building very good
Unit state functional
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