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Our past projects

The offer of our residential projects is comprised primarily of historically valuable blocks of flats that have undergone sensitive reconstruction and are situated in attractive localities. We place an emphasis on thorough workmanship, the preservation of the original architectural elements and a high standard of fittings. We also pay considerable attention to the common spaces in the building and the results, as you can see for yourself during a viewing of the residences, are simply enchanting.

We have not neglected students, young families and seniors, to whom we can offer affordable and quality housing.

Rezidence Esprit II.

LOCALITY »  Praha 9 - Libeň, Lihovarská Street 1094

Rezidence Esprit lies 12 minutes by mass transit from the historical centre of Prague, on the corner of Lihovarská and Drahobejlova streets, in a quiet part of Libeň. There will be 14 one- to three-room flats with kitchenettes and 2 retail units available.

»  One- to three two-room flats with kitchenettes
»  The building has undergone sensitive reconstruction
»  Close to the Galerie Harfa and Fénix shopping centres
»  2 minutes to mass transit with access to metro
»  9 minutes to metro B (Českomoravská)

Bohdalecké výhledy block of flats

LOCALITY »  U Plynárny

Living in the outskirts of Prague with all the advantages that the city has to offer. That is living in the Bohdalecké výhledy block of flats.

»  Building, incl. common spaces, reconstructed
»  Flats can be fitted according to your wishes
»  Eden shopping centre – a few minutes away by bus
»  Close to Roztylské sady Park
»  Excellent traffic accessibility


LOCALITY »  Smetanovo nábřeží, Hradec Králové

Bytový projekt S46


Rezidence U Dvou Sov

LOCALITY »  Prague 7 - Bubeneč, Korunovační Street

You can find Rezidence U Dvou Sov on Korunovační Street, which connects náměstí Pod Kaštany and Letenské náměstí. The origin of the street goes back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The name of the street refers to the coronation of the Czech kings and the effort to confirm Czech statehood.

»  Building and flats after extensive reconstruction
»  Flats with layouts of two and three rooms and one four-room flat, all with kitchenettes and excellent views
»  A balcony or terrace with most of the units
»  Close to Stromovka Park and Letná Park
»  Excellent traffic accessibility

U Galerie Building

LOCALITY »  Prague 9 - Vysočany, Jandova street

Introducing the new extraordinary U Galerie Building in a city district with a rich history. Here you can find both cosy flats and spaces for your business. It is a corner brick building in Vysočany. The building itself was built in 1932. It has one underground level and six storeys. The elevator machinery room and an upper terrace are located on the flat roof on the level of the seventh storey.

»  Reconstructed building and units in the building
»  A place to live and to do business
»  Attractive Vysočany location
»  Vysočanská metro station (B) 2 min. from building
»  Mall with every civic amenity 3 min. from the building

Rezidence U Bojovníka

LOCALITY »  Prague 3 - Žižkov, Baranova street

The unique Rezidence U Bojovníka project in the popular locality of Prague 3 - Žižkov/Vinohrady represents the opportunity for comfortable housing with all that makes the centre of the city attractive. The beautiful three-storey building built in 1892 is located near the intersection of Sudoměřská and Vinohradská streets on Baranova Street.

»  Attractive housing and an excellent investment opportunity
»  Reconstructed building with an elevator
»  Effective parking solution
»  Sought-after residential locality
»  Excellent traffic accessibility

Moderna Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 6-Dejvice, Národní obrany street

Moderna Residence, which falls under the Art Deco style with elements of “Wagnerian” modernism, is located in one of the most sought-after residential localities, a mere 5 minutes from Vítězné náměstí. The project offers flats with three-room layouts with kitchenettes, combining elements of modern living with a romantic atmosphere. There are only two flats on each floor, which ensures intimate and undisturbed housing.

»  Building in the heart of Dejvice, near Vítězné náměstí
»  New luxury flats
»  Sought-after residential location
»  Metro A/Dejvická
»  Stromovka Park


LOCALITY »  Prague 4 - Nusle, ul. Hradeckých

The Hradeckých project presents an opportunity for pleasant housing near the centre of Prague, while apart from the bothersome noise of the city. There are not many attractive localities with excellent accessibility and excellent civic amenities, which is why it justifiably attracts attention.

»  A reconstructed building, incl. common spaces
»  Excellent traffic accessibility to the centre
»  Close to Vyšehrad
»  An attractive locality
»  Full civic amenities in the vicinity of the building

Vinohrad Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 3-Vinohrady/Žižkov, Žižkovo náměstí

Residence Vinohrad from the beginning of the 1920’s is a true jewel of Žižkovo náměstí. You will find it in Prague 3’s flourishing Žižkov district in the immediate vicinity of popular Vinohrady. After entering the building you can absorb an enchanting and pleasant atmosphere. So come on in and choose your new flat.

»  A prestigious and popular location
»  A 6-minute walk to the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station
»  Park with a playground right in front of the building
»  Large terraces with many of the flats
»  Wonderful views from most of the flats

U Pekaře Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 2-Vyšehrad, Vratislavova Street

In a place interwoven with myths and legends we have prepared a very attractive project for you. This historic building from 1909, i.e. from the period of historic styles, offers a total of 12 flats, while there is retail space on the ground floor of the building with a glass display window and its own entrance. Thus for those who love comfort and do not want to waste time in traffic jams on the way to work, this offers the ideal opportunity of living and working in the same place.

»  An attractive and popular location
»  Vyšehrad Gardens 350 m away from the building
»  Balconies for most of the flats
»  A garden with fully-grown plants and trees
»  Palackého náměstí metro one tram stop away

Flora Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 2/Prague 3-Vinohrady, Jičínská street

Rezidence Flora is a gem of functionalistic architecture. A magnificent hall with a marble-lined staircase, the shiny metal banister reflecting the sun’s rays, light and space everywhere. Residence Flora is sure to win the hearts of more than just those who appreciate the interwar era and are looking for housing with such an atmosphere.

»  Large three- and four-room flats with kitchenettes
»  Balcony or terrace for each flat
»  Representative entrance hall with reception
»  Metro A/Flora
»  Gem of functionalist architecture

U Vyšehradu Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 4-Vyšehrad, Marie Cibulkové street

Residence U Vyšehradu was built in 1949 during the period of functionalism. You can find it in a prestigious location, only 500 m from the Vyšehrad Fortress and Gardens. The project’s strengths are not only the lucrative location and the excellent transportation accessibility, but also the fantastic views from the flats and the opportunity to create your future flat or investment according to your needs and wishes.

»  View of Prague from every flat
»  Balcony or terrace with each flat
»  8-minute walk to metro C/Vyšehrad
»  500 m from Vyšehrad Gardens
»  Sale of flats in range of shell & core and reconstructed

Letná Residence

LOCALITY »  Praha 7-Bubeneč, Korunovační street

The street-front façade of this elegant urban building from the year 1912 has an uncommon composition. The building goes beyond the constructions of the time with its daring compositional design and refined structural detail. It deviates from the historic and plant motifs in favour of a gentle geometric décor in the predominantly smooth surfaces of the façade.

»  New one- to three-room flats with kitchenettes
»  Elegant city house
»  An attractive and popular location
»  Stromovka Park and Letna Gardens
»  Excellent transportation accessibility

U Jiřího z Poděbrad Residence

LOCALITY »  Praha 3-Vinohrady, Ondříčkova street

Residence U Jiřího z Poděbrad was built in the period of Modernism in 1932, right before the rise of pure Functionalism. The facade was reconstructed in accordance with the architectural style of the building, thus a combination of brick-red protruding panels between the windows in contrast with a light background was chosen. The building’s fully preserved original common spaces of the building are a huge added value. There are beautiful terrazzo floors with dark purfling in the hallways and the original metal railing in the stairwells.

/ 2013 /

Trojická Project

LOCALITY »  Prague 2-Nové Město, Trojická Street

A block of flats in the period of historical styles from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with a preserved romantic façade, which is decorated by cornices with natural motifs and stucco cupids. The building is located in a contiguous row of blocks of flats on the quiet, one-way Trojická Street, which leads to Rašínovo nábřeží.

/ 2012 /

U Jezerky Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 4-Pankrác, Nad studánkou Street

Two blocks of flats by the Jezerka Park, in which the famous the Na Jezerce theatre is located, and in walking distance of the Pankrác metro station on the C line. Both the flats and the building have undergone extensive reconstruction during which an emphasis was places on the creation of representative common spaces. When visiting the Nad Studánkou building you cannot miss the mirror wall, which transformed the originally dark entrance into a very attractive foyer.

/ 2012 /

Azalková Villas

LOCALITY »  Prague 10-Hostivař, Pod Průsekem Street

A project that won the Architect’s Award and People’s Choice Award in the 2011 Project of the Year ceremony. The originality of the Villas consists mainly in the ingeniously-designed layout of the individual flats; an alternative to the conventional smaller two-room flats with kitchenettes are the terraced houses with their own entrances. Or you can choose a duplex flat with a rooftop terrace, which rewards its inhabitants with outstanding views of Prague.

/ 2011 /

Holubova Villa

LOCALITY »  Pardubice, Holubova Street

The above-standard reconstruction of the block of flats in a quiet residential neighbourhood near the centre of the city of Pardubice. Vila Holubova represents a unique possibility to live in the peaceful environment of the old neighbourhood of Židov, one of the most lucrative localities to live in.

/ 2011 /

Buchovcova Project

LOCALITY »  Prague 3-Žižkov, Buchovcova Street

This brick building from 1928 has undergone extensive reconstruction. It is located on a quiet one-way street in the attractive neighbourhood of Žižkov near the Pražačka sports complex and the pleasant Židovské pece Park.

/ 2010 /

Bořivojova Project

LOCALITY »  Prague 3-Žižkov, Bořivojova Street

/ 2010 /This beautiful, architecturally valuable building satisfied a wide clientele thanks to the diverse size of the flats and the possibility of choosing between reconstructed flats and flats in their original condition. In this way we accommodated those clients who wanted to have their flat exactly according to their taste. The flats are airy and spacious with high ceilings, thereby preserving the original period atmosphere.

/ 2010 /

Libická Project

LOCALITY »  Prague 3-Vinohrady, Libická Street

This project offered its inhabitants interesting and cosy flats. Preservationists strictly supervised the reconstruction. The common spaces preserved their original wall tiling and there are replicas of wooden windows here. The flats themselves have stylish 1930s-style bathrooms with mosaic tiling.

/ 2010 /

Resslova Project

LOCALITY »  Hradec Králové, Resslova Street

This First Republic block of flats in the centre of Hradec Králové underwent overall reconstruction including the common spaces. The original graphic design of the façade entitled Hradec Moustaches is also worth a mention.

/ 2009–2010 /

Expo Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 8-Karlín, Molákova Street

The Rezidence EXPO project is the ideal choice for everyone, from students to seniors. With its original construction according the principles of Le Corbusier, an interesting layout and a central location, it has become an alluring solution for living in Prague. The building is equipped with a reception, laundry room, weight room and rooftop terrace, where you can enjoy the sun setting over Prague Castle or dishes from the communal barbeque.

/ 2009 /

Mánesova Residence

LOCALITY »  Prague 2-Vinohrady, Mánesova Street

This beautiful Art Nouveau building in Vinohrady guarantees comfortable housing. It is excellently situated in a quieter side street within walking distance to Riegrovy sady Park and to the historical centre of Prague, to the State Opera, the National Museum and to Wenceslaus Square.

/ 2010 /

Bulharská Project

LOCALITY »  Pardubice, Bulharská Street

The complete reconstruction of a First Republic block of flats including the building of a new passenger elevator. The building stands right in the middle of the city by Bubeníkovy sady on the right bank of the Chrudimka River. Thus it offers quiet flats in the centre of Pardubice, an abundance of possibilities for active relaxation and full civic amenities within walking distance.

/ 2008–2009 /

Dutch House

LOCALITY »  Prague 9–Vysočany, Skloněná Street

A daring, at the time, nine-storey block of flats. The distinctive elements are the arched layout and the structure borne on piles, which gave rise to the open parking spots on the ground floor of the building.

/ 2004 /

U Vlečky Flats

LOCALITY »  Prague 4-Modřany, U Vlečky Street

The very location of the building in a quiet location surrounded by greenery with an unbeatable view of the conflux of the Berounka and Vltava rivers made the complete reconstruction from the original hotel to a purely residential building an ideal solution. This project, oriented on quality flats with standard fittings was meant for young families with children.

/ 2003 /

Přeštická Attics

LOCALITY »  Prague 10-Hostivař, Přestická Street

The rooftop addition to the reconstructed prefabricated block of flats fulfilled all expectations. The wonderful view of the Hostivař Reservoir, the adjacent park and the protected area of the Botič Creek on one side and a panorama of all of Prague on the other side. The project offered both smaller and larger flats with two spacious terraces along both sides of the room.

/ 2002-2003 /

Grand Shopping Center

LOCALITY »  Pardubice, Náměstí Republiky

The building, originally a hotel and cultural centre, was built in the 1930s by the celebrated architect Josef Gočár. The first guest to spend the night in the hotel on 30 May 1931 was President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. In 1998–1999 the building underwent extensive reconstruction, while it changed its function to the Grand Shopping Centre and in November 2007 it expanded to include a multiplex cinema./ 1998–1999 /

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