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Investments in real estate = security

Surely we have all considered how to better manage our funds, especially nowadays, when financial institutions are continually informing us about the drop in interest rates.

Imagine a financial product that guarantees that your investment is safe, while increasing the value by up to 6.1% p.a. We offer you just such a product.

Download detailed information here.

Why invest in real estate?


» A secure investment for your life savings

» Protection of your savings against inflation

» Covering mortgage through rent

» Regular income from rent

» Security for your old age

» Security of future housing or other income for your children

» Yields of up to 6.1% p.a.


Model comparison of appreciation of finances in a savings account vs. acquiring investment real estate from PSN


In addition to the higher yield in comparison to regular financial products, you also become an owner of the property, in which you securely have invested your funds. There is no risk that they will be lost, unlike the risk of the loss of savings in, for example, the event of the bankruptcy of financial institutions, where not all of the financial deposits are legally insured.

If you will require the funds in the future, then you can sell the property at any time. We recommend our attested real estate agency.  

» PSN Products

Sale of already leased flats

We offer the sale of flats, leased to stable and paying tenants that are interested in continuing in the lease arrangement.

Thus you are saved from the concerns and other financial expenses connected with the time-demanding search for a reliable and long-term tenant.

Another significant advantage is the regular income that begins right from the day the purchase agreement is submitted for entry in the land register.

You can find the offer of leased flats here, or contact us directly.

Our team of real estate agents is available for you at tel. 725 753 753 , from Monday to Sunday, always from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sale of blocks of flats, residential villas and office buildings

We own a wide portfolio of buildings. In order to preserve the exclusivity and anonymity of the buildings, if you are interested in such an investment then we offer you a personal meeting after which we will prepare a specific offer for you.

Our team of real estate agents is available for you at tel. 725 753 753 , from Monday to Sunday, always from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Do you have any question about this financial product?

Write to our office and during working days we will write back immediately. Or you can leave us your telephone number and we will call you.

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